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Director: Jon Wright

Client: Slingshot Studios & Pathé UK

This campaign started in pre-production with a content-generation concept that went on to inform the titles, website and viral elements of the film’s life span. It also was a key discussion point in early publicity of the movie. Let’s begin with the lovely Alex Pettyfer’s guided tour of the Cast and Crew confessions cubicle:

This was designed to harness the energy of the young cast. And they certainly delivered… they gossiped, sang, graffitied and generally confessed all… we also gave them Flip cameras to capture improvised in-character pieces – just the kind of candid, behind-the-scenes insight their teen fan-base craved.

In a display of TOTAL integration of content and film the graffiti from the cubicle created the films titles:

Tormented – Opening Title Sequence from Deborah Casswell on Vimeo.

Tormented – Closing Title Sequence from Deborah Casswell on Vimeo.

We then cut and drip-fed teaser films… Here’s just a few…

Tom and Alex sing:

Alex’s body double:

He thinks he’s funny now:

And then in the 2 months prior to release via a blog, a podcast and of course the website – featuring a suitably sassy yet dark, immersive interface we unleashed it all. Fans could also grab their favourite character’s content in the form of an embeddable mobile phone widget.

The campaign was Pathé UK’s most successful campaign to date with higher traffic than they had ever received in the 2 weeks prior to release.


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