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The Magic Flute

Directed by Kenneth Branagh
Client: Celluloid Dreams

Being brought in to develop a site at pre-production is the ideal way to develop great digital content to promote and extend the world of a film. On The Magic Flute, in 2009,  I was given this opportunity on the film adaptation of this famous opera – re-told by Stephen Fry.

Creating an abstracted visualisation of the whole opera bar by bar worked as a ‘skeleton’ for content. Franki&Jonny then worked throughout production and post to develop an amazing collection of playful musical, educational interactive content.

The brief from Celluloid Dreams was to create a “place to play” and you can do just that here.


I'm Franki Goodwin, Creative Director at Saatchi&Saatchi London and Executive Producer at Western Edge Pictures. Please feel to have a good old root around my work below. Some of it has won lots of awards. Some of it hasn't, but I'm proud of every single one of these projects. Thanks for visiting, say hi at