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The Infidel

Directed by Josh Appignanesi
Clients: Slingshot Studios & Revolver Films

It started where good integrated film projects should start: with the titles, then came the posters.. We also created guidelines, which meant that from UK-based International Sales in 2009 to Release Posters in Singapore in 2011 (shown here dwarfing the Producer, Mr. Arvind David) the film stayed perfectly on brand.

Then, with the help of the UKFC Digital Innovations fund, we went on to create some thing really cool online. A Facebook/You Tube application that invited users to submit jokes.. religious jokes. Tagged with the subject matter we then took the question “Which Religion is the Funniest” to the great (British or otherwise) public and asked them to vote.

Not only did we answer this important question (Judaism, closely followed by Catholicism) but the most popular video won the right to perform his/her joke at the Premiere of the film at the Hammersmith Apollo to an audience of comedians.

The film was a bone-fide ‘hit’ in the UK and across Europe. There is now an NBC show and a musical in the pipeline. You can view the UK Film Council Case Study on the digital project here


I'm Franki Goodwin - freelance Creative Director and Digital Strategist. This blog was started whilst on sabbatical in Australia and Japan in 2009 and is now my day to day professional ramblings, drawings and interesting-ish happenings. A selection of my work is also showcased below.