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The Assassination of Richard Nixon

Directed by Niels Mueller
Client: Metrodome Pictures

Somewhat of a Franki&Jonny “classic” from 2007; this timeline of US American history was built around the little known events of 22 Feb 1974 when a middle class American man hatched a plot to fly a passenger jet into the Whitehouse to wipe out Richard Nixon.

The interface delivers a wide calendar of events across 80 years. From patriotism and self-help in the multi-level societies of the 40’s and 50’s through the Nixon years and the loss of innocence right up to 9/11 and on to the film’s release.

We also created a viral “self help assessment” url which, from the users D.O.B., placed their own file on the timeline and we created these  little red books distributed across cinemas to drive traffic to both links.

The site won both FWA and Creative Showcase awards and received an unprecedented amount of mainstream press. The book got a Guardian journalist arrested on the tube. Which is even cooler.

The site is live here.


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