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Directed by Jon Amiel
Client: Hanway Films and Icon Distribution

In 2009, Franki&Jonny developed this strategically and visually elegant online campaign around the epic story of Charles Darwin’s 10 year journey to publish ‘On the Origin of Species’ starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly.

The site evolved from a simple production hub that brought together all ‘Creation’ and ‘Darwin’ related online and social network activity into one official thread alongside the production assets as they were released.

We then launched a fully fledged campaign site 2 months prior to release and offered users a more immersive experience – navigate the extensive production assets with an elegant magnifying device or, if there’s something about Darwin you think we should know, submit your Darwin fact via the interactive map.

The site is live here


I'm Franki Goodwin - freelance Creative Director and Digital Strategist. This blog was started whilst on sabbatical in Australia and Japan in 2009 and is now my day to day professional ramblings, drawings and interesting-ish happenings. A selection of my work is also showcased below.