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Brothers of the Head

Client: Film4, Tartan Films and IFC Entertainment (US release)

Another ‘oldie’, this time from 2006, but the brand integration on the print across the UK and US and the early online seeding we did with the writer, Tony Grisoni – via Ebay, Punk Blogs and pirate music sites (leading to threats from punk fans who “would eat their own shit if this turned out to be real”) – make it a great case study for what was possible at the time.

The site was developed as a band site with all feature film related content “hidden” buy ash trays and other debris – ‘unlockabl’e only on interaction up until the day of release when it was all revealed. It playfully re-inforced the confusion between reality and fiction in this incredibly dark and unusual Rock, Mock, Doc. The site is live here and it’s suitably LOUD.


I'm Franki Goodwin - freelance Creative Director and Digital Strategist. This blog was started whilst on sabbatical in Australia and Japan in 2009 and is now my day to day professional ramblings, drawings and interesting-ish happenings. A selection of my work is also showcased below.