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T-Mobile Magenta Unleashed

‘Project Magenta’, as I prefer to call it, was the tricky follow up album to Sea Hero Quest. There was a lot of pressure to deliver on the awards front again, but this time for something completely frivolous, aimed at young consumers. Whilst the opportunity to work with the Gorillaz was fantastic, its very easy for a brand to get lost in a partnership with someone louder and cooler than them. Our AR solution made sure that couldn’t happen. We put their brand colour at the heart of the idea – turning it into a media channel for Gorillaz content.

We launched the campaign with this spot that shows the Gorillaz out painting the town (Poland) Magenta, Directed by Papaya Dog. This film is the first time the Gorillaz have ever been represented with human bodies so it was very nice of Jamie to trust us with that challenge… I love this spot.

We won Gold at Cannes in Outdoor, along with 3 other Lions, Grand Freaking Prix at Eurobest and some lovely silver Clios and three majestic golden LIA’s to name but a few. The case study of the project is here…

We’re now working with the brand to turn ‘The Lenz’ into broader brand piece to drive promotions and loyalty in the category.



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